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Paint correction. Now you have come to the right page. This is the true art of an exterior car
detailing service.

This is where paint correction and car detailing come apart from each other. To detail a car is to
enhance. To carry out  paint correction of a car's surfaces is to actually repair or restore a car's
paint surface. These are the differences.

Detailing the external surfaces of a car is a process of using two in one products which are
designed to save time. It's what I like to call a mild abrasive polish which cuts and polishes at the
same time. This is always usually a single pass.

Usually though two in one products don't always cut as deep or as fast as a single pass product.
This is why a lot of fast
car detailers opt to use just straight cutting compounds for general car
detailing, as they cut much deeper and also much quicker. Hence why they leave swirl marks and
also remove huge amounts of paint. This is where they don't complete the treatments with the
finishing or following compounds, because the process is no longer quick. When you have to add
more passes, it is no longer just simple car detailing.

Paint correction on the other hand is what is known as the professional level of car detailing.
This is an entirely different approach to car detailing. With paint correction, everything is
accomplished in stages using single base products, from the cutting compound right through to
the finishing compound. We use Autoglym and Meguiars Hence why the procedure is much
longer. Paint correction is everything from car washing to clay barring for removing paint
contaminants, to car polishing and to the final stage of car waxing which keeps your car looking
like a rolling polished mirror.

The results however are really something which leave you speechless and not wanting to drive
your car. I've heard the words "THE CAR DIDN'T LOOK LIKE THIS WHEN I BOUGHT IT NEW"  
quite a few times let me tell you. These are results that last. They are an actual restoration of
your surfaces. It is a permanent fix. How long that fix lasts depends on your care and what steps
you take to maintain it. This is why we only use world recognised brands like Autoglym, Meguiars
and Toughseal for the best paint protection that money can buy.

If by any chance you have a vehicle which does have severely damaged paint surfaces, and you
have been informed that your vehicle will need a paint re-spray, please see us first. Paint
correction may be your last resort as car detailing your surfaces may not be sufficient. The paint
correction services we carry out have saved quite a few vehicles from re-sprays.

If you have any questions on what can be achieved on your vehicle just call me

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