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When it comes to car detailing, correction, or paint protection films or applications
Dr Buff really is the serious Pro in The Industry. Our love of Cars Is NOT A BUSINESS....IT
IS A PASSION that we have carried throughout our own lives as car enthusiasts.

With years of experience in car care, how can you go wrong ? Are you also looking to be
trained in car detailing ? Dr Buff provides the best detailing training that you can get
anywhere in Sydney.
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Although most Porsche owners are not even aware of it, Most Porsches, on particular post 2006 happen to be applied with
what is known as Nano Technology paint or what is otherwise know as ceramic paint.

This paint was primarily produced for the European market as it is very resistant to scratching as most European car owners
happen to use car washes. Although this paint does not scratch easy, it still does scratch and when it does, to remove
scratches from ceramic paint is pretty much a nightmare.

It often involves the most severe methods of paint correction to remove scratches from paint being of a ceramic base. So, if
you own a German marque as of your personal taste, do yourself a favor and " DON'T USE CAR WASHES " of any type and
you won't have problems removing scratches from ceramic paint. If you are looking for
Porsche detailers or Porsche
detailing in Sydney
, give us a call and lets see what we can do to make that Porsche look better.
Meguiars Certified Detailer. There are two ways to carry out car cleaning. The Crappy Affordable Auto Wash way, and the professional way.  We have more about this subject on following
pages. Professional paint and interior maintenance on the other hand is time consuming but, yields results that will leave you absolutely stunned when used with the best car care products on
the market. From learning how to clean car interiors, whether it be cleaning cloth seats or leather seats, cleaning carpets and re-moisturizing vinyls and leathers, we can get your interior
looking like new.

When it comes to restoring car paint or paint correction, we can cater to
everyone with the best possible results. It does not matter if you have paint fade
issues, scratches, holograms or swirls or even bad looking paint from previous
car care,
Dr Buff is certainly the one to help you achieve your goals with your
vehicle. We can
cut and polish away your swirls, scratches and other
imperfections in your paint by using the best polishing compounds that
provide swirl free results that are permanent and last. Some of our best
procedures in paint correction basically provide show and shine results.
It's only to be expected when you deal with someone who understands car care
and uses only professional auto care products

With our paint correction procedures come the best results that money can
buy. We use the best in detailing equipment and materials that are available and
combine them with years of experience and technique to achieve the best
possible results for your ride. Looking for a black paint specialist ? Leave it to
Dr Buff. 7 out of 10 cars we do are basically black. Just look at our black autos on
our pages. Buffing black paint is tricky if you don't know what you're doing but it's
easy for Dr Buff.

A look at our images will show you how good we are as black vehicle care specialists and generally as Pro detailers as a whole. If you are
looking for a Professional in car care in south west Sydney and who also uses industry recognised auto care products to achieve the best possible results on your car, then deal with Dr Buff
and get that look your looking for. We don't just service customers in
Campbelltown or the Macarthur district, our customers travel to us from the northern beaches, Hornsby, the north west
to customers who just require professional car detailing

We are not mobile detailers, just great detailers

Dr Buff
Professional Car Detailing And Paint Correction Services
Sydney Campbelltown
Hi Pete,  

I would like to thank you for the work that you did on my black SSV, I was honestly surprised at the way the paint came up, just brilliant. I recently purchased the car second hand,
and the dealer obviously tried to buff the car, leaving behind swirl marks and fine scratches that looked horrible. However, now the car has that smooth mirror finish, and the deep
black look, just the way it was intended to be!  Your passion for cars and detailing shows up in the quality of your work. Your communication from the time I called, till the time I
picked up the car was great. As too was your advice for ongoing maintenance for keeping the car looking great. I’m really happy with the result, and would recommend you to

Thanks again
Car Detailers Campbelltown
Car Detailing Campbelltown

Hi Peter,

Wow! What an unbelievable result!

I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how happy I am with the amazing job you did on my RX-7. As you know when I
bought the car to you it had quite visible swirl marks (from the previous owners poor washing technique), as well as a couple of
scratches that I feared would not be able to be removed short of a respray. You managed to remove every single one of these
and restored the cars finish to a level that has to be seen to be believed, it looks like it just rolled off the factory floor!

I was blown away when I came to pick up the car, it looks simply stunning. The result you managed to achieve with the paintwork
on the car is a credit to you. Few people have the passion or patience to work for as long as it takes to achieve a flawless result
like this. I have already and will continue to recommend you to anyone in the market for paint correction / detailing in the future.

Keep up the great work.


P.S. Can you please send me copies of the photos you took? That would be great.

Thanks again,
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For car paint repair, this Man IS... THE ORICLE

I took my Mercedes CLK320 to Peter after the paint work had been severely trashed. I tried to work the scratches out of the paint, while
making it dreadfully worse.... My heart sunk. Small job or on the verge of needing a $9,000 paint job, Peter bought my Merc back from
the dead!

Mate, I can't thank you enough. You're the man!
Vehicle paint restoration experts who have passion are professional detailers with a difference. From a Subaru WRX to a Datsun 120y to a classic Mustang, just call and talk to us
about what we can do for you. Our high end car paint repairs or paint correction services provide killer shines. It is obvious that if you have landed on our site that you are certainly
looking for a professional car detailer who is in the know about the services he provides. We are also considered the best detailers not only in Sydney but in the south west of Sydney
as well. We are often referred to customers searching for Meguiars certified Professionals who know a lot about paint correction and paint protection for new cars.

Talking about paint protection for new cars or even used cars, if you are buying a new car and would like to protect your car paint, don't buy dealer paint protection, buy aftermarket
paint protection for your new car. You will save about 1000 dollars on average and also buy paint protection or hard paint sealers that is a lot better suited as professional or prestige
detailers often do provide recognised brands.

New car paint protection products are not necessarily cheap but they are quality paint protection products for new cars or even used cars. If you really want to protect your new car
paint, the best new car paint protection is Toughseal, Gloss Coat or
, Opticoat paint protection packages. It really is the best paint protection on new cars today with a wide market of
vehicles from classics to general to prestige cars using these paint protection packages on new or used cars. If you want to protect your car paint, give Dr Buff a call today
As much as we regret to say, Dr Buff is not a cafe car wash or a fast one hour mobile car detailing Sydney service. Car detailers in Sydney these days are a dime a dozen and so is
dirt cheap mobile car washes. Cheap mobile servicing just damages cars, period. We fix cars damaged by car washes and cheap mobile detailers all the time. The old buff and polish
as it's known these days is what we know as Pro detailers is called paint correction. Cut and polishing really is a science when it comes to understanding the materials that are required
to achieve results from scratched, swirled or weathered paint work.

Car Care However Is Dr Buff's no 1 Priority and we are the No 1 Sydney car detailing and paint correction professionals. Being accredited in
professional car detailing and as a
paint correction specialist in Sydney by one of the worlds recognised industry leaders in car care is just the beginning. Yes, We are also Meguiars certified detailers that you can
trust with your pride and joy. We are also conveniently located in Campbelltown for Macarthur residents

Unlike mobile
car detailers in Sydney who claim to be the best, we don't attend motor shows and take photos of shiny vehicles and claim it to be our work.
All our cars are treated on our own property. Our Auto Care clearly does stand out.

Look closely and you can clearly see it is pretty much the same driveway. Not some shiny automobile at a Holden club meeting or a flashy engine from a 1 million dollar super car that
hasn't seen ten drives within a year that's been copied and pasted into our website. We can do that too. We just choose not to. We are that good at our work in paint correction and
car protective coatings that we have seen our photos copied and pasted by other detailers around the world on their sites.
Being one of Sydney's best detailers in prestige and muscle cars, we can provide you with
the detailing or paint correction services you need. We can remove swirl marks, webbing,
car wash scratches and very many different types of scratches from your paint with
professional car buffing or paint correction and even apply new car paint protection if you
so desire. Deal with a Professional Meguiars Car Detailer for the best possible results in
your car care needs
Professional detailing services provide results that leave one in awe of the appearance of their car. This is all the way from exterior cleaning to interior restoration and car protection
coatings. Why ? Because it is the difference of a one hour detail such as that from a car wash to a eight hour detail to that of professional level detailing.
General Detailing Training
We don't do cheap detailing or auto paint protection coatings. This just damages vehicles. We carry out professional level restorations right down to hard paint coatings or paint
protection for new cars.We just don't provide the cheap results that cheap detailers in Sydney provide. We are also not mobile detailers to the likes of mobile detailers that for instance
service car dealers. We provide only professional car care to customers who are sick of being ripped off with 100 dollar specials and would like their car's back to as new as possible,
even after all the damage has been done. If our customers travel to us at Campbelltown from all over Sydney, then that must say something about our services.
Hi Pete

Just a quick one mate. Absolute full respect to what you're able to achieve. As I said to Sharon, what you do can't be taught,it's as simple as that. Meguiars Certified or not, you
either have it or you don't. I'm a perfectionist but honestly wouldn't know the first thing about how to go about what you achieved today. Knowing how to work the various pads with
the different compounds at the right RPM'S to achieve " wet " paint look is simply automotive art and hats off to you. I've used wet look products in the past but Christ.....I was kidding
myself. I know I'm harping but your passion is second to none Pete and is bloody refreshing in today's world.

I was looking at the paint till the sun disappeared with the in-laws. They were GOBSMACKED at the flawlessness. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Cheers Pete.
Toughseal Paint Protection systems are a unique Nano Tech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation using durable PTFE suspended in the formula. Our Paint Protection
chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every
day including Ultra Violet fading, Acid Rain Etching, Bird Lime, Road Salts, Nasty wash chemicals and many more. This provides you with peace of mind that your vehicle is protected
with the most advanced leading edge technology available. With one of the main chemicals being PTFE, this product is more than designed to withstand excessive heat temperatures.
If it is used in cookware as a non stick system, imagine what it can do for your car paint when it comes to high temperature resistance or anything like bugs or other chemicals sticking
to your paint. It is also very Hydrophobic when it comes to water. Rain or water just glide straight off your paintwork

This paint protection product is for the car owner or driver who just does not have the time to be taking care of or maintaining paintwork on their vehicles. It is a simple wash and
chamois procedure every time after you have applied paint protection on your new car or used car. Most people often look for paint protection for new cars when purchased.
Toughseal as the name suggests is the paint protection film to be using any car that sees the elements of our atmosphere. So, if you need paint protection coating on your car paint,
we feel more than comfortable that Toughseal will be the ticket to protecting your car paint.

Ceramic Protection For Cars

If you would like even better, we can provide ceramic paint protection for cars as GTechnic if you desire a car coating protection that is exceptionally hard. This truly is another avenue
in nano ceramic car paint protection for the future. However the cost is also a little higher. Nano ceramic paint protection  is fast leading the way in future paint protection applications
as technology advances but still even acryloplexin products still provide long lasting protection if you don't wish to opt for more expensive ceramic car coatings
Toughseal Paint Protection
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If enquiring about detailing training courses or paint correction training courses, please give us a call to
discuss further. If it goes to message, please leave a message as we can be busy at times.