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We often like to search the web for anything that is of interest to us when
it comes to
car detailing and shabby coffee or automated car washes.
Here is what we found.. Below are comments written on the web by
customers who have been mistreated by coffee car washes. This is why
we state, you get what you pay for.

We just could not wait to start a new page just on this subject. We are
confident you will find some of these comments interesting. For legal
reasons we can not list the names of Coffee Car Washes. If you have a
gripe about a car wash send it to us and we'll post it live in a matter of
Just came back from your most expensive...‎
Just came back from your most expensive car wash this afternoon, (around 400 bucks (hopefully i got a rebate)).
customers should expect perfection for such a high price. I had a look on the internet, and never found such a high
price at any of your competitors for their high end services.
What do you offer for such a high price? let me tell you: a very badly done booth, a badly done top of the car, an
average cleaning on the interior (OK, not worth $385), an average exterior and wheels, badly done windows.
I expect this level of service from a $150 price max!!
Certainly not from a $385 service ...                                                                   

Bad car wash‎

This is not a car wash I would recommend - they had to re-vacuum the whole car as they didn't do it properly the
first time - slack and what a complete rip-off!‎


This C.....l Car Wash in Chatswood is by far the WORST car wash ever. I brought my car in for the AUD$95 wash in
April 2009, and they didn't even vacuum the rear passenger floor or wipe the dash board and gearstick area, which
have dust there, let alone dirt at rear panel. The manager was persistently selling me the $3XX wash, and I refused.
I went for the $95 one, which is still much more expensive than other car wash and I ended up getting my car, not
detailed, half vacuumed, dirt on exterior rear. It was towards the end of day that I took my car in, and I didn't even
finish my coffee (10 minutes) when they say that my car is ready. For a $95 car wash, one would expect at least a
clean car to a satisfactory level. Perhaps it was at the end of the day that they want to get rid of me sooner, so they
can leave on time. But it is unfair for those who paid that much for nothing. The service was rude, persistent selling,
paid top dollars, car still dirty, dust on dash, half vacuum, dirt at rear. This C.....l Car Wash in Chatswood Sydney is
the worst car wash ever. Don't take your car there or you will regret paying top dollars for bad service and unclean
job. This is a definate NO NO

ouch"............... 95 dollars for a 10 minute car wash.

If you like scratches...? Come on down...........................................LOOOOOL.THAT IS HILARIOUS !!

IF YOU LIKE SCRATCHES..? COME ON DOWN! This service is deceiving and unprofessional. I left with a dirty car
that had been skimmed over but the most upsetting thing is that they SCRATCHED MY NEW CAR, ALL OVER!!!
small scratches and scuffs inside and out, YOU WONT SEE ME THERE AGAIN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!‎

This car wash is terrible

This car wash is terrible, the reality is they do not clean streaks and watermarks to an acceptable standard as they
are just focused on getting as many cars through as quickly as possible, more like a fast food store than a table
service resturaunt.

Not for me

If you are female I would avoid this car wash, unless you're desperate for a date then this is the car wash for you‎.

WOW......There's something new. Score a date while washing the car !! How disappointing.


I phoned to find out the closing time and the woman on the other end of the line says 'umm... usually 5.30... but its
Thursday.... so I'm not sure'. She made no signs that she was going to actually find out so I told her not to bother
about making a booking and hung up.‎

Not the best cleaning to say the least!‎

Rather dissapointing this joint! Besides they were late. [supposed to open at 7.30 am and nobody turned up till 7.45
am] I spend $50 dollars and the result was pretty disapointing. Rather quickly done and not very thorough! can't
recomend this one! Save your money and go somewhere else I suggest.


I had a brand new car - factory new - no damage - no scratches - just brand new. Unfortunately I decided to take it
to a car wash. The R....l  P...m Car Wash had the amazing deal of a $5 car wash... now I know why. As I already
stated, the car was brand new. After paying my $5 for the car wash and going through the tunnel I was "quite
surprised" to see a long scratch on the roof of my new car.

I confronted the owner of the carwash Martin E. He checked the video and I received a written report from R.... P..m
Car Wash that there was no evidence of a scratch before entering the car wash. I was told that Martin E. knows
somebody who could do something like a touch up if that would be ok. A brand new $35k car and asking me if I
would be ok with a touch up made by a friend who knows somebody who has a friend ... I denied that and went to my
car dealer. They estimated the damage to $500. After faxing the estimate to R...l P..m Car Wash they suddenly
denied all responsibility and liability.

They pretty much told me that I did the scratch myself. Right - as there was no damage before the tunnel - I must
jumped out of the car in the middle of the car wash, climbed on my roof, made a nice long scratch into my paint,
jumped back in the car, dried my self up, changed the wet clothing against the exact clothing I stored in the back of
the car, and went then to the owner to show him the scratch and ask him to get it fixed. Right, that is the way I like to
spent my off time. Again, there was no evidence of a scratch before I entered the tunnel. And yes I do have a written
report of R...l P..m Car Wash

Have a read of this story below....Absolutely funny. This college kid should have
gone into business for himself. He would have definitely  had a Successful car
wash .

Long ago, when I was in college, I worked Saturdays at a local car wash. To give you an idea of how long ago it was,
the price of a full-service, exterior and interior cleaning was only two dollars. I worked with the exterior finish-up crew,
doing the final touch-up cleaning and drying by hand. As a grand finale´, we would open the driver's side door for
the customer to get in and cruise off. Most did with a smile on their face - happy to leave with a shiny car (and,
hopefully, a tip for us workers). Some paused to check our work before getting in. Most of these inspectors were
very satisfied since we had a good finish-up crew. A few would complain loudly that the car wasn't really clean. Most
of these people were driving beat-up cars which hadn't seen soap and water in months. Or years. They were
expecting and demanding a miracle.

One of the benefits of my minimum-wage job was that I didn't have to explain or argue. I simply called the line boss
whose job it was to deal with complaints. Usually he would patiently explain that a simple car wash could remove dirt
but couldn't restore the shine on a dull, weathered surface. Only a compounding and waxing could do that. If the
customer didn't accept this, the line boss would call for the owner.

Our car wash owner was a short man in his '50s with thick glasses and a dour disposition. Invariably, he would walk
up to the complaining customer, look him up and down as the owner's face turned an apoplectic, beet-red. Then the
owner would scream at the top of his lungs,
"Waddaya want - a $25 Simoniz job for two bucks?! Now
- get outta here and don't come back!"
If the customer threatened to tell his friends of such mistreatment,
the owner would yell, "Go ahead and tell them. They're probably jerks just like you!"

You won't find this kind of dialog in any customer service manual, and I certainly don't recommend that you utilize
this technique for handling customer complaints. But there is a lesson here.

Some of your customers may have unreasonable or unrealistic expectations. As a business owner, you need to
determine what the cause is. Is it because they're just plain unreasonable people? Or is it that you've indicated
(perhaps inadvertently) that you can deliver the impossible.

In your business, you should spend some time with new customers outlining the terms of the sales transaction. Tell
them what you plan to do. Discuss the scope of the project. Outline what is included in the deal. And what is not
included. What is the expected completion date or delivery date? What factors may change this? Too many
businesses take on a project with a defined scope-of-work and then, halfway through the job, the customer changes
the work order. If this happens, you must provide feedback to the customer immediately - how this will affect the
price, the delivery date and anything else.

Before accepting a new order, you should always probe to find out what the customer's expectations really are. If
they're unrealistic, you can tell them so before you start working on their order. Setting the rules of engagement at
the start will prevent misunderstandings and problems later on.

Be sure to do a competent, capable job for all your customers. That's how to build your business. But don't give
them a wax job at car wash prices. If you do, you won't stay in business long.

C...ex Carwash Ripped off my rear wiper


Just want to share my sad experience with the C.ltex Car Wash this afternoon.

I stupidly decided to wash my car at a C.ltex petrol station (automated car wash). Apart from doing a very average
job for $12 (substantial amount of dirt still remained after the wash), the brush actually ripped the whole rear wiper
(actually broke the metal mounting) on my Volvo XC90.

I went to talk to the shop assistant who was less than helpful. He couldn't put me in touch with his manager and just
told me to contact the guy who is managing the shop on Monday. He said he has manager's mobile number but
would not ring him because it was not important. Well, it was important to me! I asked him to call after which he
became abusive and called me a "c%nt" and started suggesting that the wiper may have been already damaged or
was rusty prior to this accident. It's a 2004 car, not brand new but new enough for this not to happen. Furthermore,
the washer broke in two places one of which was metal with no rust on it whatsoever.

After he rang his supervisor he told me that he didn't want to talk to me and to call back on Monday. I'm not even
sure I want to bother contacting the service station after such abuse.

Missing Car Wash - Kingsford, NSW

Prior to pulling up at the car wash, my partner said to me there was some money in the car door & would I put it in
the Ashtray with the other bits of change…. Which I did, I put the $8 (4 x $2 coins) just as we pulled up to the car
We had our coffee & read a magazine whilst the car was being cleaned.
We got back in the car & put the change in the ashtray from the change from our coffees, however the $8 had

Fortunately, we were still at the car was & my partner spoke to a guy there & asked to speak to the manager, which
the manager was soooooo rude to us. He checked the vacuums for the coins, but they wouldn’t have vacuumed the
ashtray surely (it only had coins in, nothing else). No coins were found in the vacuums, therefore someone
obviously took it….. there is no other reason for this, how could it go missing if it wasn't vacuumed up.

The money was definitely in there, I had just put it in...!!

The manager accused us of lying and making the story up.

We were offered by another man either a free car wash or our $8 back… of which we requested the $8 back as we
wouldn’t be going back to a company who took from us the first time round, let alone giving them a second chance.
Again the manager accused us of lying & making it up…. !! what!! For $8!!!

tut tut tut!

Bl.e Car Wash - stole my ipod while i was getting a car wash

i went to bl.e car wash yesterday on 05-06-08, on my lunch break. i got the basic wash, for 20 some dollars.
there is a coffee shop next to the car wash so i decided to grab a coffee for a minute and waited. when i got my car
back, the first thing i went to look for was my ipod. i didn't even get in my car, and i noticed my ipod was missing. i
was 100% sure i had it cause i hid it too. so i went to tell the manager that my ipod was missing and thats were it all
starts. he told me no body touch my ipod without even looking at me , he told me no body steels at blue wave car
wash, he kept calling me mama or mami or sexy mami, he got in my face and screamed at me. he was a Spanish
older guy , i am 20 years old and tiny, and for a guy to scream at me like that hurts my feelings. i asked him to
search the guy who was cleaning " empty"my car . he refused i asked him i want my ipod back and he ignored me
and left . i asked him for the owners number , he ignored me and said that i was sleep walking and that i am
illusionary. he didn't offer me nothing . i left crying, and mad, and on top of that it was the worst car wash i have ever
got. this is not right . there is a lot of complaints for this place. this place should close down. please i am begging u
guys to do something about this . ill probably never get my ipod back or my money for it "$ 200", but i want to let
everybody know how easily they steel and they all back each other up. he curses at me in front of everybody.

Truck Was Damage

“We drove our truck through a car wash at a gas station today. The car wash damaged our truck. My husband was
advised to fill out an accident report and that he would be contacted tomorrow. There is a sign at the car wash
stating that they are “not liable”. Legally does that mean that they are not responsible for any damage done to our
vehicle? Is there anyway around that?

Unfortunately, this is going to be one of those situations which will turn almost entirely on a combination of the
business and contract law in your state, the case law in your state, and the specific facts of the case.

Without knowing any of these things, what I can say is that the more “routine” the damage to your truck was, or the
more it was a function of a problem with your particular truck, the less likely you would be able to hold them
responsible in court. For example, if your paint got a small scratch, or your antenna bent, or your weather stripping
on your door was missing and so your interior got wet, you’d be less likely to be able to hold them liable than if
something completely out of the ordinary, like a brush roller crashing through your window, had occurred.

But the only way that you can know for sure is to talk with a lawyer in your state. Many lawyers offer free
consultations. Of course, it could be that they intend to make good on the damage, given that they told you to fill out
an accident report. If not, you’ll need to carefully weigh your options, and the cost of each. You may also want to
consider small claims court.

The Danger of Automated Car Washes

A funny thing happened just the other day. I was sitting in my car, in a queue for petrol at my local garage and I was
watching a woman take her old Rover through an automated car wash. I was just thinking that it was high time that I
wrote an article about automated car washes and the damage they can do to your car, when there was a loud
bang... then a grinding noise followed by some scraping sounds.

The lady managed to free her car from the car wash and as she inspected the damage, I rushed up to the scene. I
was about to say "Excuse me, I am writing an article on the dangers of automated car washes..." when it struck me
that the coincidence was so bizarre that she probably wouldn't believe me and think that I was just some weirdo with
a car wash fetish (I haven't, I'm just shy and maybe a little paranoid). I didn't have my camera with me and I
frantically searched my car for any leaflets or brochures that I could give her. By this time staff members and the
manager had swarmed around the scene like secret service body guards, so I had missed my opportunity to invite
the lady to contribute to this article (if anybody else has a bad experience with a car wash, I'd love to hear about it.
Maybe if we can get enough people, we can start a support group).

While the manager of the garage ushered the woman into an office around the back (I heard him promise her a full
refund!), I inspected the car and the car wash until the filthy looks of the garage staff made me feel so
uncomfortable that I had to leave. I'm not quite sure what happened, but it seemed that the top rotating roller had
come loose from it's axle and dropped down onto the back of the car, ripping off the rear windscreen wiper which
was now in bits on the roof and bonnet. Worse still, the brackets and runners which supported the roller had broken
and bent and were protruding from the pillar which housed them. As the car wash had continued to go through it's
automated program even after it was broken, these brackets had scraped their way down the the rear quarter of the
car causing serious damage to the paint and bodywork. I cursed myself for not having my camera with me and went
back the next day to get some photos of the broken car wash but it was fixed and already back in action. Efficient
aren't they?

It was a missed opportunity and to be honest, the kind of damage caused on that occasion wasn't really what I had
in mind when I had decided to write this article. But all the same I do hope this anecdote does make you think twice
before you take your pride and joy through an automated car wash. If you should remember this witty and well
written article (did I also say I was modest as well as handsome?) as you are just about to feed your tokens into the
slot, I ask you that pause for a moment and take the time to carry out a quick inspection of their equipment.

You will probably find that most car washes have bristles. These are really no different to the bristles on a garden
broom... only longer. If you were to clean your car yourself by hand, you would probably use a soft sponge and a
chamois leather. Would you scrub it with a broom? Not on your Nelly!

No good for car cleaning

not good for exterior Valeting

In fact as far as I can tell, they have made the bristles slightly thinner and slightly longer than a normal car wash, but
the material used is still a stiff nylon type plastic.
It is thick plastic wire of about 1mm diameter. The endings are worn and look as if they have been rolled and bashed
between bricks. This comes from whipping against your car at high speeds.

To be fair, many of the newer car washes are of the 'soft wash' variety. These are softer than the broom bristles, but
feel them for yourself and ask if they are the right thing for your paintwork. Would you want it lashed with plastic
wire? So if you have taken my advice and copped a feel of an automated car wash, you will will not need much
convincing that these evil machines scratch paintwork. Yes I did say 'evil' and no I don't think this is sensationalist.
These damn machines should carry government health warning like cigarette packets are forced to do

i have been to sc..ters carwash recently

i have been to sc..ters carwash recently under the new managment i was very dissapopinted with the way the entice
people with there prices and then charge extra when final payment is being made.but overral it was pretty average

T.sco car wash damaged my car

I took my car to the car wash at T.sco on Abbeydale Road yesterday and it scratched my rear window!
It's not huge, but it's certainly noticable. There are about 5 or 6 lines on it where the brush, or whatever was on the
brush, scratched the glass. I am a bit annoyed as it's my new car, but realise that they probably have a 'use at your
own risk' policy on the machine. Anyway, it's the last time I'll be using it and thought I'd warn others just in case it
wasn't a one of incident. Anyone know if there's anything I can use to get rid of the white coloured scratches? Isn't
there some liquid that fills the scratches and hardens or something? Blakehurst

If you really want to get your car paint destroyed go to Cr..tal Carwash at Blakehurst !!!!!! :mad:
I was watching them wash my car from Start to finish and I almost had a heart attack. The Vaccum Hoses were
banging against the paintwork, then I saw one of the guys start to soap the car down WITHOUT RINSING IT FIRST ! :

When I drove the car to the nearest petrol station to give it a inpection the paint work look like some one ice skated
on it!
:mad: :mad: :mad:

I took it back and talk to the manager and he said that " paint will always show scratches.." I said " of course it
does especially when the scratched were made in your car wash..!"
The manager said to bring it back nex tweek and see him for a complimentary hand polish....... I never went there
I actually drove past this car wash once, and while sitting at the lights, I noticed one of the
attendants soaping down a new car with what appeared to be a soft scrub brush......" Great "

Hand car wash damage to car

Took my car to a hand car wash yesterday on way home, when I got home from having it washed I noticed that the
laquer layer on the car had come off in several places, I can only imagine this has been caused by them having
their jet wash up too high???

what can I do?

I went back to the garage, but they only lease the space to a couple of guys, they say nothing to do with them, there
are not notices to say you have it washed at your own risk, I haven't spoken with the guys directly as yet as they
were gone by the time I got back and they didn't open till after I started work.

Going to call back in this evening but not sure what I can do about it other than claim on my own car insurance, what
are my rights, do they have to have insurance, what should I be asking for?

Many thanks in advance x

" I've always said never blast too close "..............New car, and his putting it through a car wash. Go figure !!

Customer loses it at car wash..........................Maybe he should have washed it at
" I'm not concerned, a buff polish will fix this poor customer's car "

Some people just never cease to amaze me !!

Car Wash Damage: Save Your Paint with a Little Elbow Grease

Now I know many of my readers are looking for information, opinions, and analysis on new and used sports cars.
Today while driving around my hometown of Burlington, New Jersey I saw something that has single handedly forced
me to write this article.

As I was cruising around today in high 60s sunny weather I saw a line almost into the street at my local car wash.
Now this isn’t out of the ordinary but it’s what I saw next that was shocking. In the line were three cars that I couldn’t
believe were headed through, a black Z06 Corvette, silver Porsche 911, and finally a dark green Mustang Bullit.
What’s the problem you ask? The problem is the damage a car wash can do to your beautiful new sports car.

Throughout high school and parts of college I worked as an auto detailer at multiple dealerships in both New Jersey
and Pennsylvania so I have experience in the field of car care. From my experience taking a vehicle to the car wash
should be done only for certain reasons because of the scaring it can cause on your vehicle. So in turn I’ve decided
to give a few tips and reasons to advocate hand washing.

1. Convenience- Most people use a car wash because it’s fast and easy. While car washes can help in a pinch they
create more issues than they fix. First off no car wash gets all of the dirt and grime off of your vehicle, while the
brushes and such get most of the filth off it is the job of the person towel drying the car to get the rest. Taking dirt
off with a towel is never a good plan mainly because it can cause hairline scratches and such. In the same vein if
you have a dark car like the Z06 and Mustang I mentioned above the brushes alone can cause a massive amount of
swirling and clear coat scratching, if you have a dark car just bite the bullet and hand wash your vehicle.

2. Road Salt- Another big reason people use car washes is to get the winter road salt off their car or truck. While the
theory is good the execution may not be. Yes the high pressure hoses do a great job of loosening up the salt
especially in terms of the under carriage, it most likely doesn’t get the entire residue off which can cause spots in
the clear coat. To get salt off I would recommend braving the elements and using one of the power washing stalls
most car washes have. Make sure you bring your own mitt or sponges, DO NOT use the brush in the stall. In fact a
better rule is never use a brush on your vehicles paint, dark or not.

3. Saving Your Paint- If those reasons above aren’t enough to get you off the automated wash maybe this is. Think
off all the dirt particles and rocks trapped within the brushes used hundreds of times a day. I don’t care if you have a
white car or one so black it looks like a stealth bomber consistently making your vehicle susceptible to the brushes
used in a car wash will slowly but surely scratch the clear coat and strip away any wax you have applied.

I know its only three reasons but a car is a reflection of you as a person, this is especially true for the sports car
buyer. It’s hard to show off your black on black Lamborghini if the paint looks like that of a ’92 Prism. Take the time,
spend a little extra and get the results you want for your car. I suggest getting a micro fiber mitt because they are
very gentle (and they come in sweet colors), a shammy (like the ShamWow), a soft towel (old beach towels are
great), and finally a good soap (Turtle Wax ICE is easy to find and works great). From there you’re all ready to have
your car looking clean and swirl free. Hopefully I see someone spray waxing their car soon so we can talk about that
next. Get out and wash!

My E90 M3 has the OEM 19" wheels/tires. Will the drive thru car washes (with single
track) damage the wheels?

Yes they can damage your wheels. Ask them to hand wash it on the side. Many will agree with me though that
washing it yourself will be much better ^_^... BUt to each his own... if you don't have the time then yes do not let it go
through the track.

AN M3 THROUGH A CAR WASH !!! Generally speaking, one would think people who drive cars of this calibre would
have some level of at least a brain stem, let alone a brain.....However, not this one. Speaking of vehicles of this
calibre, I have actually noted expensive cars stopping at your local service station and filling up with standard
unleaded, meanwhile the guy with the Hyundai is putting premium.

How to Get Car Wash Damage Paid

Getting car wash damage paid by the owner of the wash can be difficult, especially if you leave the car wash's
property before noticing damage. Whether you visit an automatic or full service car wash, there is always an off-
chance your vehicle will be damaged. The brushes in an automatic car wash may hold dirt, debris and rocks from
vehicles that have run through the wash earlier in the day. These rotating brushes can then scratch your vehicle
with the debris. Additionally, other moving parts in the car wash can damage or break the antenna on your vehicle
and possibly cause your wheel covers to fall off. In any case, car wash damage is often preventable and aused only
by the neglect of car wash management. This guide will help you take the right steps in the unfortunate case your
vehicle is damaged in a car wash.

Step One: Ask About the Damage Policy

When you arrive at a car dealership, see if there is a sign that outlines the damage policy at the car wash. Many will
have a sign saying they are not responsible for damage, but if negligence can be proven you may still be able to get
damage paid. Of course, if the damage policy says the car wash is not responsible or if there is not one posted, it is
best to ask an employee or leave the car wash for another one.

Step Two: Inspect Your Vehicle Immediately

As soon as you are done having your car washed, inspect it for damage. This should be completed outside of the
wash bay, where the sunlight can show imperfections and damage. The car wash owner should not object to this
step, as it ultimately provides a safeguard for both business owner and customer. You should find that there is no
damage on your vehicle or, if there is, it was damage that occurred earlier. However, in the unfortunate event that
your vehicle is damaged at the car wash, it is important to park your vehicle and speak to an employee. Depending
on the car wash's policy, you may have little or no recourse if you leave the car wash and discover damage later on.
At this point, you cannot prove that the car wash caused the damage.

Step Three: Make Your Complaint

If possible, speak to the owner or a manager who acts as the owner's agent. You may be asked to fill out an
incident/damage report form that is kept on file by the car wash, or you may be required to write a complaint on your
own. In any case, make sure that you make plenty of copies and you keep one for your records.

Step Four: Await a Decision

After you file your complaint with the car wash, you may have to wait some time to get a decision. Depending on the
car wash's insurance policy, they may require you to get estimates to repair the damage before any benefit is paid.
After it is determined your complaint will be paid, the car wash may simply write you a check for the lowest estimate,
or you may be required to get the damage repaired. If your claim is denied, see if you can contact the insurance
company. If necessary, you may also contact an attorney....................." In other words, just wash the car yourself,
and you don't have to put up with the above ". Really, are car washes worth this risk and hassle ??

bloody car wash...advice please.

i know i have been bad but my car was really dirty and couldnt be bothered washing it.
so i decided to pull into a arc car wash(for the first and last time)
it has runners that pull you through the machine.
when i have got home i have noticed that the railings on the runners have rubbed through the paint on my wheel
and left a missive thick black scratch all the way round my front wheel half way up the spokes,
i am running 215/35 zr 18 inch tyres so the rail has come half way up the wheel and it looks crap.

do i have any grounds to go back to the car wash and get him to pay for a refurb,
or will he accept no responsibility for the damage, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

More Car Wash Disasters...............Isn't it easier to just wash the car at home ??

How about a woman washing her car inside with a water blaster..........
ummmmmmmmmmmm !!

In & Out Carwash

Damage occured to my vehicle when I went through the car wash on 11/8. The owner, Greg Byler, stated on 11/16
that he would not pay for the damages to my vehicle because it is a "known problem" with Ford Explorer's trim
coming off. I attempted to explain to him that it was not a "known problem" to me and my vehicle had no damage to
the trim before I entered his carwash. I further explained that if it was a "known problem", he should not have allowed
me to enter without supplying me with this information so I could determine if I wanted to assume the risk. He told my
husband they have a special button for GrandAms & maybe he needs one for Explorers.

They also have cameras that can prove prior damage or not. Point is, there was no damage to my vehicle nor was
the trim loose before I entered the car wash. His employee even picked up all the many, pieces from inside the car
wash proving the damage occurred from within the car wash. He walked out saying "Explorers are known for this".
He assumed the liability if he allowed my vehcile through his car wash when he knew it had "known problems". He
has employees standing at the enterance of the car wash that could have told about this "known problem" too. His
car wash equipment ripped the trim off my the hatchback of my Explorer.

I also explained to him that I noticed loose trim the first week that I had my Explorer & it was repaired immediately. It
came off the production line like that and was "not a known problem". I asked for his insurance company and he said
he is self-insured. My damages amount to $487.11. The estimate is from the dealership I bought the vehicle from.
They made no mention of a "known problem" either.
Car Wash Cafe Damage
Car Detailing
Car Detailing
These images below are of a vehicle which was treated by a coffee car wash. Whoever treated this vehicle certainly does not give a damn about their
work let alone the garbage compound that was left to dry on the vehicle while staff were having lunch. I've never seen damage like it from a coffee car

This car took ten hours to restore and the roof had to be done with the fourth most aggressive compound and wool pads to try and restore the surface.
While buffing there was a horrible odour being emmited from heat build up on the surface that made me nauseous after a while and the buff was an
absolute animal to control due to the pads gripping on the surface. It almost felt like I was trying to remove glue.

To make the situation even more interesting the customer payed $60.00 dollars for this dandy treatment from the car wash, but payed 780.00 to repair
the damage the coffee car wash caused. I will admit it myself and state to everyone, 780.00 is not cheap to buff a car, but this isn't really just buffing
now is it ? When it takes ten hours to try and restore damage caused by a coffee car wash with back breaking labour, you can see why it costs so much
money. This is from a very well known and popular coffee car wash right here in Sydney, and they are everywhere.
Car Detailing
Car Detailing
Car Detailing
As explained to the customer, this vehicle had very minimal paint thicknesses left, and there was an inherent risk
of penetrating the clear coat surface in order to remove this damage. She took the chance and advised we
proceed with paint correction as she didn't have any other choice left apart from a re-spray. This paint surface
was only just saved without penetration of the top coat with only 93 microns of paint left. Penetration of clear
coats usually does take place at this depth level. She was lucky !!
Sy..ey Car Wash B......m Hi..s

They must clean cars with sandpaper STAY AWAY!!!! I had my car professionally detailed (by REAL
professionals) a month ago which had my paint as smooth as glass. Then I took it here for a quick wash...
That will teach me for being lazy. The paint is completely covered in swirls all over the car, it's obvious they re-
use old cloths covered in grit when washing it. The manager is a straight out liar who had every excuse under
the sun as to why it wasn't their fault and he wouldn't refund me or pay for the car to be re-detailed. An
expensive lesson for me, and a call from Fair Trading for them.

St.r Cafe Wash - Ma....ot

"good food but the boys did an average job on the inside of the car. i didnt see $33 worth of value there for
inside and out. your money would be better spent doing it yourself."‎

Very Unhappy

A very bad job was done on my new car. i really think the inside of my car was dirtier AFTER they so called
"cleaned" it. There were scuff marks on the bonnet that were not there before they washed it too. I will never
go bac Car Wash Cafe

Wish I had read the reviews beforehand... Went in to get my car washed and came out with marks all over that
were not there before - looks like they had something in the sponge/chamoi/ or whatever it is they used to
clean it - and it still wasn't anywhere near 'clean.' Going to report it watchdog might as well leave ur car in the rain and save 89 bucks. Never again

SHIT job Paid $325 for a wash that could have been done for $5. Needed car to be detailed for sale...Useless

Mi..'s Car Wash

We used to be a loyal customer to M..e's Car Wash until 2months ago when M..e's car wash machine ripped
the gas door off of our Volvo. 2 months later, we are still trying to get repairs completed satisfactorily. Mike's
did send us to a repair shop and agreed to pay for damages. Although the fuel door has been replaced, it no
longer locks. M..e's refuses to pay to satisfactorily repair the vehicle to its pre-loss state. It's amazing that they
seemingly wanted to "make it right" and then stop full short of actually achieving the goal. They do not feel it is
their responsibility.

It's infuriating! Now we are stuck with a $180 bill from a $15 car wash. Please tell everyone NOT to patronize
M..e's Car Wash--- Don't visit M..e's Car Wash, or if you do---it's at your car's own peril!

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