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Dr Buff has been in the car detailing arena for twenty plus years. In fact, from the day we got
our license to drive. We are not a business but enthusiasts in car detailing, paint correction
and car paint protection applications and products. This is a passion of ours, not an every day
job. We do this because we love doing what we do, not because we have to. If You are truly
looking for a
car detailer in Sydney or are just purely in the need of professional car care
experts, we can assist you on keeping your car in tip top shape.

car detailing we provide is not a half hour detail while you have your coffee. The car
detailing we provide take a few hours per vehicle. We provide services to one car per day.
This is the only way to achieve a desired result in producing some of the best finsishes that
money can buy from a car detailing sertvice
Our Car Detailing

  •   High Pressure Blast Exterior

  •   Wheels Pressure Blasted And Cleaned

  •   Wheel Arches Pressure Blasted

  •   Door Jambs Blasted

  •   Meguiars Quality Products Machine Polish

  •   Tyres Glossed

  •   Interior Trims Cleaned

  •   Interior Vacuumed

  •   General Interior Clean To Provide A Balanced Overall Finish

  •   Windows Cleaned
Total Package
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