In reality many top quality detailers have left the car detailing industry because they can no longer compete with the butchers in the car detailing  trade who
offer cheap result car detailing at ridiculous prices. Out of all my customers who ask for car detailing services, I have only ever had two customers who
steered away from cheap detailers and now thank me for it.

The Bottom Line

For the guys who love detailing, and want to learn to take care of their own toys, I tell you this !!

If you want to learn the true art of car detailing and want to know the key secret, it's very simple. The secret is time and practice. Time allows for knowledge
to be absorbed. Practice allows that knowledge to be exercised. The more knowledge you absorb, the better of an effective detailing instrument you
become. True artists are always sharpening their detailing skills. Amateurs don't. If you are truly limited with time, spend whatever time you have in just one
area than a little bit of time in all areas. For instance, exhaust an entire day detailing your interior with the knowledge you have learned on interiors, rather
than doing mediocre work on the entire vehicle. Car detailing is a systamatic approach.

Always plan your events of car
detailing. Eg, One weekend,
tackle your exterior and only
your exterior. Our general
maintenance pages on
washing, car polishing and
car waxing is more than good enough
to teach you basic experience on general detailing and getting started in this industry. There are also an abundance of hard copy books on car detailing
which will teach much more. These images above are professional finishes. Why do they look so good ?? Simple, time, just time to practice and learn. Do
your exterior one weekend, then your interior the following weekend. All you need to know is that thorough car detailing is only ever done rarely, providing
you have a general maintenance schedule to do minor detailing periodically. Real car enthusiasts go through their toys once or twice a year. When their
vehicles are washed once a week, they generally polish and wax the tops or the sides on the day. Generally, the tops are treated in summer, and the sides
in winter. Believe it or not, it does not absorb that much time, and the vehicle is always looking its best.

The trick to avoiding major car detailing jobs is to keep on top of things. Regular maintenance will help avoid this. A gerni helps greatly in blasting dirt out of
tight edges on your exterior. If you don't have one, " get one " If you are not certain about which chemicals to use in
your interior,
Lightning Fast Stain  Extractor
which is a carpet and upholstery cleaner should
take care of many of your woes. No matter what
type of car you drive, time, patience and good
old fashioned elbow grease will get results.
Professional car detailing results are only ever
achieved with time. Lets face facts. If it takes
time for a vehicle to get filthy, its going to take
time get it clean the first time with major car
detailing, so it's not possible to expect to get
it clean in a couple of hours.

A well carried out detailing, weekly or monthly
general maintenance is the best way to keep
your car looking good. For those of you that
don't like the hard work, you can always
employ a professional detailer  to carry out the
hard yards for you. If you are serious about true results we are here to help you. Also, If you happen to reside in the south west of Sydney, you are in luck,
as our car detailing,paint correction and paint protection services are carried out in Campbelltown. We hope we have been of some assistance in providing
some insight into the real world of car detailing
and what car detailing results should look like.

Stiil, if you have questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email

Dr Buff

A love and passion for cars
Car Detailing Sydney

If you are looking for free info on car detailing and to learn how to detail your own car visit our car washing, car
pages designed to assist real car lovers out there on how to carry out car detailing the right way. We are also
currently working on our engine bay detailing page which will also soon be launched. Also read on for some of my
own points on car detailing and where my beloved industry is sadly fast heading

The word car
detailing these days is a very misconstrued word among different members of the general public.  
It's like the word polymer.In the auto detailing industry the word
polymer I believe is one of the most abused terms
I can put my finger on.

Some people see auto
detailing as being a simple car wash with a quick polish and that is it.
Others see it as just a polish and a car interior clean. Which ever way you look at it A proper car detailing service
is just good
quality car cleaning.

To put it as perfect as possible car detailing really is an enhancement of a cars overall current appearance. It's
not just a
car wash or just a car interior detail.

As far As cosmetic vehicle maintenance is concerned, in the last 10 years or so auto detailing has become that
fierce in competition when it comes to price, that any true quality in real car detailing and what true results look
like has all but diminished. Mobile car detailers are popping up every where. Coffee car washes are also popping
up everywhere. The recycled water alone in coffee car washes contains harsh degreasers, silicones, wheel acid,
dirt which escapes the filtration system and God knows what else. Good for the environment they may be, good
for your car they're not !!. I often have customers tell me they can get services cheaper elsewhere, but these very
same customers call me back after two  months to have damage corrected on their vehicles which has been
inflicted by a
coffee car wash or a cheap detailer, regardless of having been pre-warned about cheap car

Many of these
industry car detailers I see these days is something similar to that of a fast food chain . Come in,
take your money, give you poor quality results and see ya the hell later. Then customers wonder why their cars
have got
swirl marks. I don't know anyone else who hands out beautifully inflicted swirl marks for 60 dollars  like
that of coffee car washes or volume cheap detailers

These days people are actually afraid to deal with certain detailers because they don't know what the results are
going to be like. It's not possible to achieve a pristine finish, and one that will last for a long time within two hours. I
don't know about you but I've heard the words "I can't find a car detailer who won't leave swirl marks on my car"
many a time.

It is really a shame that so many customers want to pay a small fee, but expect highly professional car detailing
results with in two hours. You can not achieve professional car detailing results under those circumstances with
an exterior or interior.

You can however have a two or four week shine for that figure. This is where fillers are used. The car is shiny
when it's first detailed and after a few washes the compound slowly wears off revealing swirl marks. Either that or
a straight cutting compound is used and the vehicle handed back. Car detailing is supposed to be professional,
but the coffee car wash chains that have entered this industry have destroyed or tarnished this industry with fast
and  poor results, and it is now what people are accustomed to. Customers now actually expect to pay really
cheap, but some way or another still expect professional results that will last.

As far as Professional car detailing results are concerned, have you ever seen a black vehicle drive past you,
which appeared to look like a black rolling mirror and practically flawless, and wandered to yourself "how the hell
did he get his car looking like that". I can safely tell you now, that result was not achieved within 2 hours.

Black colours will test any skill level and compounds a detailer
can put to a car's paint.  A true detailer is not afraid of black.
A true detailer or paint correction specialist has learnt many a
lesson from black and perfected what he knows.

I know, I have done paint correction on black cars that have
been damaged from negligent car  detailing. A flawless finish
can and will take in excess of 6-12 hours of paint correction
and then followed by paint protection, depending on the
severity of damage to it's paint surfaces, and its colour.
Car detailing also involves understanding combinations of
what works and what doesn't. One combination that works
on one style of paint, will not necessarily work on another,
and the best way to learn combinations with learning car
detailing when it comes to paint correction is to learn on black.

I have come to realise this many a time. One of the best
colours to teach any detailer how to carry out paint correction
is black. Always has been, always will be. However, it is a sad
fact many detailers run from this colour. This is half the
reason why so many detailers do not have in depth knowledge
on car detailing when it comes to paint correction. Black shows

It will teach what combination works and which one
doesn't. This believe it or not isa colour up and
coming detailers should
embrace in car detailing, not flee from.
How many detailers do you
know that you can trust with black. I have
spoken to other detailers in regards to
working on black colours and they cringe at
the sound of the very word .

Look at these images to the right. Left above is
a before shot, and right, obviously an after shot.
The depth of colour has dramatically increased
and the scratches are gone. This is what black
has taught me. What I have achieved here
would in no way have been possible if I did not
embrace black many years ago when I started
expressing my love of car detailing and making cars look damned good. This is what black has
taught me. Any detailer who embraces black colours also stands to gain this knowledge. After all, you don't learn
if you don't try. If you can do this with black, you can do anything with any colour. When you learn car detailing the
right way, you get results that you're looking for. It is a real shame that car detailers who enter this industry seek
to only exploit it with cheap car detailing services and charges
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