This appears to be the part where most people seem to get confused. Beeing able to use a car polish is not that
difficult.We thought we’d write a page on this subject so that we would be able to help everyone out there better polish their own cars. It is really not that difficult. The purpose of polishing is to rejuvenate the paint surface back to it’s former glory. Expensive equipment or compounds are also not required to achieve a nice shine and smooth finish. Please
Note !! Kitten is strictly being utilised for example purposes only because we have repaired vehicles damaged
by this product from incorrect use and are absolutely gob smacked at how people can be such tight asses
and destroy their paint work instead of buying better quality products. However, professionally speaking,
customer cars are strictly treated with Meguiars, Auto Glym, or Toughseal. Also please note, because we can
in no way monitor how you apply this information, you accept responsibility for applying these methods to
your vehicle surfaces yourself

First things first.

After washing the car the first thing we need to establish is “do we have a clean enough surface to start car polishing”
In most cases it will be a NO! Polishing a car when there are contaminants on the surface is not going to achieve much as far as having a nice clean and smooth surface. This is where we have to feel for contaminants. The contaminants
have to be removed in order for the polish to come into direct contact with the paint surface.

There are many things the human eye can not see. Contaminants is one of them. This is where we put into use the
power of touch and feel. The first thing you need to do is to take the back of your hand and run it along the surface of
your paint. How does it feel?
Is it smooth, or does it feel like sand paper?
In most cases it will feel like sand paper.

The Magnificent Clay Bar

This little tool which has been around for some time now has to be one of the best inventions for paint surfaces. All it
does is remove contaminants of many different natures, therefore leaving your paint surfaces clean and smooth ready for polishing. It doesn’t just remove invisible contaminants, but also visible contaminants, like bugs, spics,
road tar, over spray, road debris which has stuck to your paint, bird crap, and many
different types of fall out visible or invisible.

In order to use this dandy little device, all you do is spray some meguiars quick detailer on the paint surface and run the clay bar along the paint. Make sure there is plenty of lubricant or the clay bar will stick to the paint surface.

After a few strokes, wipe down the remaining quick detailer with a micro fibre cloth and feel themsurface with the back of your hand. How does it feel now. It should be smooth and ready for car polishing. If not carry out the process once gain until it is ready.

Car Polishing

Now we are ready for the next stage of the process. Car Polishing the paint surfaces to a nice smooth shine.I don’t
know about you, but I personally do not favour hard labour so I opt to use the good old dual action orbital buffer to carry out all the hard car polishing for me. If you don’t have one, your in for some hard elbow work.

We are not writing on hand car polishing as this is not really a favoured method by the majority of people wanting to
maintain their cars, and usually in most cases it’s not followed. People prefer to pay some one else to
do it.
Otherwise if you don’t like hard work you can always purchase a dual action orbital buffer from Bunnings or even
cheaper from Big W. Always try to get one with an adjustable speed setting.

If you do already have your own orbital bufferthe next thing your going to need is 3 foam sponges. Two yellow sponges and a tan sponge. All 3 Meguiars. You can find these products at any auto parts outlet. Two are for polishing and one for applying your wax.

The compound we are using is Kitten liquid cut and polish. This product has been around for Donkeys years and is a
two in one product. In fact, I grew up with it. Please bare in mind this product is only being used for this example.

The other reason we are also using it, is because it is uncomplicated and a single pass compound polish. It is also in-expensive and everyone can afford it.

You will find it extraordinary what can be achieved with an affordable product like this when done correctly.

For Tough Sealing or waxing however you will have to go to the waxing page of this site when it soon becomes
available.A page on decent washing will also soon be made available, so bookmark this site. For now, let’s focus on
polishing. Firstly get your orbital and Meguiars yellow polishing sponge. Attach the yellow Velcro end of your sponge to the oscillating end of your buffer. Make sure it is centered correctly or it will oscillate very unevenly.

Next, get your Kitten liquid cut and polish and squeeze some compound onto your sponge in a thin snail design like so. Be careful not to pour too much as it will take too long to buff off and you will remove unnecessary material off your surface.

Remember, the idea is to remove dead paint, or paint fade and very fine hair line swirling leaving your
surfaces clean and very shiny, ready for Sealing or waxing. This process is not designed to remove scratches deeper
than surface. If your vehicle already has detailer inflicted damage or deep swirl marks, it’s too late, Leave it to the