What you need to know about us is that we take car detailing seriously. It is irrelevant of what type of vehicle you drive.We use world renowned lasting products for auto detailing services, Auto Glym, and Meguiars. We have also ventured into the use of P.T.F.E. More on that in the Fact files.

Whether your car is worth 10.000 dollars or over 100.000 dollars the complete treatments apply to all
manner of paint finishes. If it is swirl marks, scratches or just plain imperfections, anything that can be
removed, is removed.

We are here to achieve results. We have a passion for what we do. We strictly adhere to the rule of
one vehicle per day for professional car detailing or paint correction. Vehicles are dropped off in the
morning and picked up late afternoon. This not just provides all the time required, but also provides
not just a shine, but more importantly a glass finish achieved from the best paint products on the
market and the know how to apply them with the time required. Professional car detailing as far as car
exteriors is concerned, is the “in-depth” technical side otherwise known as paint correction. People just
don’t know that.

We have always believed that high standard professional car detailing, or paint correction results are
achieved with time. We always believe in this theory and the results speak for them selves. There are
no shortcuts here. The “WOW” factor on our customer’s faces says it all. “My car did not look like this
when I bought it” or “ I don’t want to drive it”, are comments heard all the time.

When you buy a new vehicle it may appear to you to be nice and shiny. However you would never
believe that is not the best your newly purchased vehicle can look. Dealers will charge you extremely
high for paint protection, which is relatively over priced considering there is minimal time required just
to apply a coat of protectant. Paint protection services that we provide, will not cost you your right arm.

The paint correction treatments that we apply on the other hand on our customers vehicles, even
new vehicles, are a long lasting fix. From washing and paint contaminant removal, to prepping, to the
last application of synthetic paint sealers. Damage is not hidden with colour paint fillers, or harsh
abrasives used for the purposes of removing damage quickly along with half your clear coat. We just
deliver results that last. Most customers return for treatments after two or more years for re-
applications of paint protection products, and some for even more damage removal, because of
improper or lack of care. “YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE”

We also provide information on how to care for your vehicle after every treatment and provide free
materials for that care. So if you have a paint fade problem,scratch or scratches issue or swirl mark
problems and you need some good old fashioned vehicle car paint protection care that comes with
time and experience, then we can certainly help you. These are car paint protection treatments that
last. As for wanting to carry out auto detailing yourself on your own vehicle, check out the rest of this
website, whether you drive a classic, custom, prestige or a general vehicle, we provide the RESULTS.